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Experience a great adventure in Spain. A place where you can enjoy incredible excursions and make unforgettable memories.


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Have you ever wanted to visit the city that your grand parents or great grandparents were born. Now you can.


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Set sail from several ports in Spain. Cruises are a great way to travel from city to city and only having to unpack once.


For those who are looking for a premium experience. We have selected only the best trips to Spain, taking care of all the details…

Escape to Rovaniemi

Travel at your own pace when you visit the capital of Finnish Lapland. Discover all the possibilities to enjoy this...

Escape to Saariselkä

Saariselkä is the northernmost ski resort in Finland. Whether it’s an adult only vacation or family trip, you will be surrounded by unspoiled nature t...

Escape to Levi

Located in the Kittilä municipality, Levi is home to a beautiful ski resort, stylish shops, and delicious restaurants. Spend this winter vacation with y...

Safaris and excursions in Saariselka

Saariselkä is located in one of the most beautiful and untouched parts of nature in Lapland. The Saariselkä Hills offer us an incomparable arctic l...

Safaris and excursions in Rovaniemi

The capital of Finnish Lapland offers its visitors a multitude of experiences, from the Santa Claus Village, culture and tradition of the Sami people, and th...

Safaris and excursions in Luosto

Luosto is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy nature in its purest form and go on snowmobile excursions, husky or reindeer sleigh rides, skiing ...

Safaris and excursions in Levi

These excursions and activities take place in the surrounding areas of Levi, which are located in an enclave of untouched and spectacular nature, on the...

January in Salla

Start the year off right with a wonderful and stress-free vacation to Lapland. Spend time with your family in one of the most beau...

Santa Claus Village – New Year’s

Spending New Year’s Eve in Lapland is one of the most exciting experiences you will never forget. From meeting Santa, to go-kart...

Christmas in Santa Claus Village

Christmas is the most amazing time of year to visit Lapland. We invite you to discover this magical region with a trip that is des...

Special December 18 in Ruka

The month of December is one of the best times to travel to Lapland with the whole family. Take advantage of this exclusive depart...

Salla in December 11-18 Dec

Take advantage of our amazing deal to visit Lapland and get into the spirit of Christmas. This package includes lodging in a beaut...

Personalized Videos Santa Claus in Lapland

Create amazing videos of Santa Claus in Lapland for your family and friends! Discover the magic of these videos, which bring to life the Christmas spirit and...

Are you coming with us?

At Trip 2 Spain, we intend to be your travel agency for your next vacation. We offer you a wide variety of trips to Spain and always with the maximum guarantee of quality. We know that not everyone thinks the same when it comes to how they want to spend their vacation. That is why we have a variety of travel packages for every kind of traveler. 

Are you ready to see our Spain?

Our company is owned and run by Spanish citizens that just want for everyone to see what this beautiful country has to offer. Spain has such a diverse landscape, vibrant cities and delicious food. No matter where you go, there is always something new to see and experience. 

What are our vacations like?

Trip 2 Spain trips are a great opportunity to see Spain as you have never dreamed before. To restore the relationship with our surroundings, as well as discover different places and experience exciting adventures. If you decide to travel with us you would be meeting new people, making new friends, and picking up little details from other cultures so that you can expand your horizons. Trip 2 Spain serves to open your mind and not get stuck in the known.